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Located in rich and abundant Otoq Qi,Ordos City,Inner Mogolia Otoq Qi Shuangxin Chemical Co.,Ltd is a nongovernmental chemical manufacturer that was founded by Li Xinhua,the president,on the basis of previous Xuyue Hamatai Chemical Company,in accordance with the rule of market economy and requirement of modern business system.The company is a top enterprise in the medium size in Inner Mongolia,with a total fixed assets of 130 hundred million yuan,where the employee reach 450,of which 23%(105) are different special technician.Depending on resource advantage (two major natural lakes of Hamatai and Taohaotu),leading by advanced science & technology and focusing on processing trona as the pillar business,it has now established three major production units consisting of material station,sodium hydroxide factory and so ctory with the primary capacity in producing 500,000 tons of raw alkali,100000 tons of sodium bicarbonate .In the course of more than 40 years' production and management,it has been upholding the philosophy of seeking survival by quality.Along with passing the certification of ISO9001-2000 Quality System,its product become popular all over the country and sold to Southeast Asia,Europe and America,in addition to her attaining of the right to export and import independently.

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  • Inner Mogolia Otoq Qi Shuangxin Chemical Co.,Ltd
  • Wulan County,Otoq Qi,Inner Mongolia
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